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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 27, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EST

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thank you, doctor. told you. rabbit's foot. (laughing) you should be able to see him shortly. see, boys? it was nothing to worry about. (sighs) hey, dad, buy you a cup of coffee? what you're telling us-- it's not possible. (jackie clears her throat) kurt's mother showed us this photo. this can't be. this can't be. (door opening) (door closes) mrs. demir: what did you
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do to your sister? you stupid slut! hey, hey. oh, oh, whoa. take it easy. just relax. (crying): i'm sorry. (crying): how could you do that to her? i didn't do anything. it just... happened. when i met kurt, he was with ayla, and we... and you whatyou what?! (sobbing) you don't control who you fall in love with, mother. (crying) it just happens. ?! how could you take your sister's boyfriend? did you see ayla this morning? no. you don't believe this is a suicide, do you? (crying) i don't know. (crying) danny: okay. did kurt see ayla this morning? answer the question! hey. he was supposed to talk to her today. he was going to telabout us.
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you mean, kurt went to ayla's apartment? (crying) l her when we were upstairs, it's. i was thinking about when i broke up with sydney. i had no place to go, so i just show up at the house, funny and hang out with grandpa. we were like two single guys just hanging out. it's funny the things you think about. something's bothering you besides pop. unlike danny, you never had a very good poker face. yeah, that's why he was able to blame me for everything. what is it? i'm talking to you as my dad, not as the police commissioner.
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i know this guy on the job who's upside down with his bookie. he owes him three grand. he's a really good guy, and i want to help him out. this really good guy have a name? i'd rather not. help him how? i was thinking that i could talk to the bookie for him. maybe i broker some kind of deal for him to pay back what he owes. when you work undercover, how can you know that the bookie won't have traveled in the same circles? yeah, that's py stupid five different ways. at least. could i borrowrobabloney from you, then? make sure you get paid back. this means that much to you? he's like fami the m this means (sighs)ch to you?
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ly. ada reagan? you actually oh, well, not followed. i just found out where you were. well, if you don't mind, i just found out my grandfather pulled through... a painting was stolen from the windom in the hour or so ? after it closed today. an oil-on-panel called the sky at st. alban. i'm sorry to hear that. it's a jules boché. itisplayed in a polish museum until 1944, when it disappeared during the german occupation. turned up again in 2009 in a private collection, was dhich it was on loan to the windom. and i'm guessing the provenance is in dispute. that's not the point. no. from w it's not the point. what exactly is the point? well, jacob krystal was at the windom the day he met you, and again this afternoon, right up until closing. , detective, you're going to need a whole lot more than that if you're gonna nail him. i know. that's why i'm here. yeah will you help us?
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(footsteps approaching) hot pastrami sandwiches. hey. thank you. when are you gonna tell grandpa about thanksgiving? (sighs) i don't know. so you know you' the only hero in the family. no, your wife saved grandpa. oh, come on. yeah? imagine that. he's not even the first who's the first? she saved.t me. (laughing) (quiet laughter) excuse me. yeah, i'm gonna have to take mine to go, too, sis. got to get back to the office. i'll see you, gramps. my grandmother's recipe. cornbread and sausage. that's very kind of you, sir. don't ment. how's your dad doing?
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recovering nicely, thank you. good. i understand you've been here at the hospital all day. maybe you're not aware of the updates. i'm aware of the updates. ion it frank, with everything going on with your father, maybe you'd like to delegate these decisions right now. is there someone you trust to handle this tonight? yes. you're looking at him. that's what i was hoping to hear. thank you, mr. mayor. happy thanksgiving, frank. and to you. thwith aches, chills,g. and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu is fda approved to the flu
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in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu, tell pregnant, nursing, have iserious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu.
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(sighs) (groans) happy thanksgiving. it will be when you wheel me out of here. you've been there all night? oh, i got so used to you snoring, i ly wouldn't have been able to sleep at home without it. (sighs) pay the bill and check me out. pop... probab're gonna have to stay put so the nurses can keep an eye on you. nonsense. never missed a thanksgiving dinner in my life. i'm not about to start now. doctor's orders, pop. get my things! first of all, calm down. and second of all, you'ying put. danny: excuse us. re sta good morning. happy thanksgiving.
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hello, freelanders. on thanksgiving? danny: well, you know, juknows no holiday, ma'am. i'm sorry? we're gonna need you all to come with us. mrs. freelander: what are you talking about? this is absurd. danny: no, what's absurd is you and your husband lying to the police to cover up for your son. stice we know he wasn't at radio city music hall. we know you went to ayla's apartment. you're looking at manslaughter, kid. getget up.r feet. and obstruction of justice for you two. it was an accident. shut up! don't say anything else. i'm so . shut up! don't say anything else. i went over to her apartment to talk to her about me and mehlia, and she got so mad, she started pushing me, and i pushed her back. kurt! sorry right out the open window? let's go. come on. let's go. sorry to disturb your thanksgiving brunch, everyone. enjoy your desserts. (diners murmuring) uh, morning, tony.
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yeah, good morning. oh, please sit down. oh. thanks. some coffee? no, i'm good. you were my son's field training officer. want in many ways, you're his mentor. now you're his supervisor. commissioner, i...? i need your help. (sighs) i'm worried about jamie. he came to me, and he wanted borrow sy to pay off some gambling debts. pretty sizable amount. is that right? to yeah. on his best day, a cop needs to have all the integrity he can muster when there's a pile of money sitting on tle after some drug bust. how's he going to do that if he's in the hole three grand to some bookie?
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i'm sure, uh... he never meant for it to get out of hand. he tab so i loaned him the money. bue wouldn't be anything i could do to help him out a second time. it's important to me that yout therstand the situation. yes, sir. under would you keep a sharp eye on him? you have my word, sir. happy thanksgiving, tony. and to you, too, sir. happy thanksgiving. jacob... you shouldn't be here. i made you something.
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four years of art school, i can still only draw in pencil. it's beautiful. i never meant to put you in any danger. just say the word, d you'll never see me again. you know there are other ways to right this wrong. how? in the courts? no offense, but lawyers have done as much harm to my cause as the original thieves did. yeah, but what-what do you want from me, jacob? like a little faith. (sighs) (indistinct sportscast plays) thought i told you to go home. i did go home, but you made me feel guilty, so i'm back.
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here. where are we going? to the cafeteria to get a tsandwich. whoever heard of turkey dinner out of a vending machine? beggars can't be choosers, and you're full of it. this isn't the first urkey giving dinner you missed. i beg your pardon. you missed 'cause of korea, you missed when mom was sick. i missed twice in the marines. and danny in fallujah. thanks erin with pneumonia. linda: shh! shh! all: happy thanksgiving! (cheering) (laughs) hello. so good to see you. hi. what, are you trying to give me another heart attack? (laughter) frank: well, it ain't the reagan dining room, but under the circumstances... linda: i know we co be home this year, but that doesn't mean a little bit of home can't be with us. my turkey platter. (laughter) uldn't it's nice to see you smile again, grandpa. that's...
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just the drugs talking. danny: yeah, well... (clears throat) thanksgiving wouldn't han the same without you, gramps. not by a long shot. glad you could make it, pop. ve bee if it's okay with you guys, i'd like to say grace. heavenly father, on this thanksgiving day, we give pause to give thanks to you for your many blessings. linda. for this food which we are about to receive from your bounty. for for your love. to dr. durrell. and for all those less fortunate in this season of giving, and for those who opened
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their door to them, and for the loving family at this table. amen. all: amen. i'm hungry. this is the mayor's stuffing. let's eat. pass the rolls. jack and sean, get your napkins on your plate... your laps. captioning spo by cbs the all-new volkswagen jetta. it's great, for the price of good. that's das auto. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now on "eyewitness news", a crushing defeat the eagles lose at home to washington ending their hopes for a post-season run. good evening, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm ray hell sole mom. eagles could have taken control of the nfc east, they just couldn't get it done tonight. don bell will be live on the field in just a moment. >> as you can imagine, fans weren't too hal i -- happy with the result, at the ends of the day, still rooting to their team. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke with some of the fans today and has more.
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>> reporter: it has been long unpredictable season for the eagles, season of ups and season of downs. >> really crappy season. i think we've all lost a little fate in chip kelly. but hopefully he rebounds and builds a team and in the longrun we're better off. because if we lose tonight, he may be out of town. >> they're not a good team. so maybe there is a miracle in here. maybe bradford shows up and he shows us what he's got for the future. that's really what i am look to go see does bradford come through? >> eagles! >> but fans made the best of the team's record with the good old-fashioned tailgate on a beautiful saturday night. >> this is the best part of it. we've been doing this for the whole season, my brother-in-law here from north carolina. >> i'm on break from school from college, so good weekends to be here, we tailgate every weekends, but i'm happy i'm here this weekend? the day after high six 60s,
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temperature dipped about 15 degrees for the game, actually felt a little more like the end of december. >> it is cold. i've been waiting this moment to wear it, i was here last week, where it was actually colder, but that is night game against the redskins. the outfit that i chose. >> but a lot of fans changed the cover station from players to coach kelly and his complete control of the roster. >> i think kelly screwed the team up. i think he got rid after lot of good players, sad to see. although i still have fate the guy knows what he is doing. >> that's why the true eagles fans inside no matter how the team finishes this season, they are ready for next season with chip kelly running the show. >> we'll welcome back sam bradford, one year experiment. we're @ wear of that. we're here, saturday night, obviously really involved, no matter what i think we'll be okay. >> outside lincoln financial field, david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so what do you think about the birds season? does chip kelly stick and for next year?
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make your voice heard on facebook and twitter. join the conversation just use the #cbs3. >> a very warm stretch that included kit mass and shorts, will continue, at least for one more day, meteorologist, lauren casey in our weather center watch are we looking for tomorrow? >> another record break nerve store, hard to believe we ' had so many this week. took a break today. tomorrow temperatures shoot back up, storm scan3 showing us the trend over the last few hours knit way, little light rain did impact the eagles game, most of the precipitation is now north of the city with this area of kind of light to moderate rainfall just exiting the lehigh valley moving off to the north and east, did pick up little bit in the way of rainfall checking in on neighborhood network just over tent after inch in cut town, pemberton close to .2 of an inch, and about quarter of inch of rainfall in bethlehem. temperatures right now still well above average, but much cooler than where we were at this time yesterday. fifty in philadelphia, 53 right now down the shore, pocono temperatures,
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38 degrees, so yes, we have one more record day in store before of course the bottom falls out. much colder air in the forecast, and quite a bit of rain as well. i'll have all of the details in your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes, jim. >> thanks, lauren. tonight at least six people are confirmed dead in the dallas fort worth area after several tornados touched down. >> this comes as three more bodies are recovered in other southern state where tornados have killed at least 18 people this week. correspondent mark straws man is in mississippi with the latest. >> yes, you can't live like that, sweetheart. >> kenya williams heart broken and thankful. her brick home since childhood has lost its roof and half it walls. but she has perspective. >> ten mississippi residents were killed by the christmas week tornados. six of them were her neighbors. >> my 72 year old blind disable dad was in his house when the tornado hit. so for him to come out with just a bump and scratch on his
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head, on his forehead, no broken bones, not severely hurt, didn't have to go into icu, i'm good with that. >> in northern alabama, flashflooding was a threat all day. on christmas night a twister struck birmingham, the state's biggest sit. >> i then all the sudden the blast in my windows jest broke out. >> since christmas eve, unseasonably warm weather across the south has fueled killer storms. thousands of victims in tennessee, arkansas, and georgia spent their saturday cleaning up. >> that's not even part of my house. >> lifetime of memories. >> will live within me forever >> williams told me her family plans to rebuild right on this spot. they lost their house, but this is home. >> mark straws man, cbs news, lamar, mississippi. >> crews tonight are working to stop a wild fire in ventura
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county, california, blaze which started yesterday has spread to over 1200 acres, say the fire is 60% contained but 50 homes in the area were placed under mandatory evacuation orders. >> so far no home damaged. 600 firefighters helped to buy water dropping helicopters work today to contain the fire, 400 of those will remain on scene overnight. >> we will not leave until we know every last ember has been extinct wished. >> downed power line on private property is believed to have spark the fire two firefighters suffered minor injuries fighting the blaze, but are expected to make full recoveries. >> chicago police department is again facing tough questions after another officer involved shooting. >> police responding to domestic disturbance call, say they were confronted by combat i can isn't. officers opened fire and killed the man, 19 year old
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antonio la greer, also shot and killed five a year other mother of five. police have not released any other details. the department is already under a federal civil right investigation after white officer shot black teenager 16 times last year. tonight, police searching for crews in the death after man in west philadelphia. police responded to the 800 block, and reported he was transport today pen presbyterian hospital where he was pronounced dead the gunman is still at large tonight, anyone with information is asked to call philadelphia police. >> coast guard has, ship, you see here, successfully re-floated around 1:00 this afternoon in morrisville, bucks county, the 622-foot vessel which was transporting scrap metal, had been struck for more than eight hours. there were no reported injuries. well, christmas may be over, but holiday shopping
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season isn't. so what if you got a gift you don't want? the do's and don't's of returning. plus, one devoted woman dedicated her life to helping 500,000 veterans. we'll bring you the story of the hug lady. lauren? >> temperatures did take bit after brief break in a cool-down today. but we'll shoot back up into record territory, and i'll have your sunday forecast coming up next.
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